Capture Your Own Art History

Closeup on modern DSLR camera in hand of modern female interior photographer at home.

Do your children know about the art in your house? Could they name the artists? Are they aware of their approximate value? Do they know where you purchased it and when?

Part of a thorough estate plan is having information like this recorded before it is needed. Cochran Arts was recently hired to catalog the home of a collector. As we walked through the rooms building a digital database that paired an image of each piece with its identifying information, the husband told us stories about each one, which we also added to the descriptions. He recently passed away and his daughter wrote to thank us for the work we had done. Not only did his children greatly appreciate the cost basis and valuation information as they resolve the estate, but they also loved learning more about their father in the personal history of the pieces.

Art Biennials Take Center Stage in 2024
VENICE, ITALY - AUGUST 15, 2017: Biennale arte, art biennial exhibition entrance witn people in a sunny day in Venice
Art Biennials are a bellwether of contemporary art practices. Organized by host cities, these large-scale exhibitions select a different curatorial team for each iteration. This group is responsible for selecting a theme or trend that they see happening in the world around them and pulling together artists from all reaches of the globe who are exploring those ideas. They are known for introducing the important talents of the future and, as non-selling exhibitions, they provide an important counterpoint to art fairs, which have a clear commercial interest. This year will see a number of important Biennials open around the globe. Among them are:

Sydney Biennale, March 9 – June 10, 2024
Whitney Biennial 2024, New York, March 20- undecided
Venice Biennale 2024, April 20 - November 24, 2024
Dak’art: Contemporary African Biennale, Senegal, May 16 – June 16, 2024
Manifesta 15, Barcelona, September 8 – November 24, 2024
18th Istanbul Biennial, September 14 – November 17, 2024
17th Lyon Biennale, September 21, 2024 – January 5, 2025
Prospect.6: New Orleans, November 2024-Spring 2025

these architectural house museums?
  • Glass House, New Canaan, CT
  • Farnsworth House, Plano, IL
  • Saarinen House, Bloomfield Hills, MI
  • Falling Water, Mill Run, PA
  • Taliesin West, Scottsdale, AZ
  • Eames House, Pacific Palisades, Ca
  • Schindler House, West Hollywood, CA