Advisory Services /
Cochran Arts brings a wealth of expertise to assist clients in building and maintaining a collection. We provide a number of services, which are tailored to our clients’ individual needs.

People don’t often set out to become art collectors. The process is a journey of learning, refining and developing one’s taste over time. Cochran Arts can help collectors become more strategic about their collecting by recommending works for acquisition and helping identify the best avenue to divest works no longer of interest, whether by donation to a collecting institution or through our brokerage services.

With extensive knowledge of the contemporary art market, Cochran Arts can assist collectors trying to build and refine their collections, estates needing to liquidate assets, or investors looking for additional liquidity. Assessing each circumstance individually, we determine whether private sale or auction is most beneficial, negotiate the best terms for the client, and facilitate the ultimate delivery of the work.

Whether you are a homeowner or a serious collector, a properly cataloged and photographed inventory is extremely helpful. With current art database systems, collectors can track the location of their works, the cost basis, insurance value, condition, exhibition history, and provenance. The newest cloud-based systems even allow collectors to access their information on mobile devices, permitting them to share information with their insurance companies, estate planners, family members, or colleagues and friends. Cochran Arts has experience cataloging collections and can recommend the best database to suit the collector’s needs.

Before purchasing an artwork, particularly on the secondary market, it is imperative to understand its condition and any ongoing conservation needs the work may have. Cochran Arts can preview works for clients, give comprehensive reports on condition issues, and recommend professional conservators to handle most restoration needs.

Placement can accentuate or diminish a work of art. Cochran Arts can work with you to curate your home or office, taking into account proper light exposure for sensitive works, and bring in professional installers to execute the plan. We also have extensive experience in the transportation of work coming both from the United States and abroad.